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Our Mission

At Selective Sculptures, our mission is to enhance the business of each of our customers by helping them become a complete full service retail outlet.

We specialize in distributing unique, high end, quality merchandise for every part of the home.

Our management team is committed to excellence. We will always work harder than our competition while being meticulous, and dependable.

Our story...

Begins With The Worst Contractor Story Ever Told

A young couple bought an old, one story house. After having 2 children, they decided to add a second story to their home. They found a contractor that was recommended by their Architect. The young inexperienced couple had been on time with their progress payments, however they were unaware that the contractor was falling behind on the work. His laborers were cleaning up by 2pm and leaving by 3pm regardless of their progress. In addition, the couple later found out that the payments were going toward the contractor's other obligations. Before they knew it, the contractor ran out of money to complete the job. The contractor handed them an IOU of 50k and walked off . The couple aggressively looked for other contractors, however no one wanted to take over another contractor's mess and the responsibility that goes along with that. In the meantime, they had no siding and no Sheetrock. The house had holes all over it, reminiscent of a block of Swiss Cheese. Every time the owners came into the home, they would scare away the birds that entered the house thru its many holes.

By this time, October arrived. They had a small vinyl kiddie tent, in which they spent the night to keep warm. One Contractor saw how this devastated them, and took the job purely out of the goodness of his heart. He rushed to get the roof back up on the house as well as the siding, so that they could insulate the house (and keep the animals OUT). However before they could do this, the inspector insisted on a water test, and good thing he did. When they pressurized all the plumbing, water poured thru the house. It was as if they did not glue the pipes together. All the plumbing had to be removed, and re-done. Then the electrical inspector arrived, and found that the electrical was not to code. Most of the electrical had to be redone as well. These things added another 50k to the project. Their home equity loan was now fully tapped out, their kitchen cabinets were still in boxes, no paint, no moldings, no tile and 2 unfinished bathrooms. The original contractor had just declared bankruptcy, making the IOU worthless, making the official loss around 100k. But at least they now had heat!

As the months rolled by, the owner learned to be his own contractor, carpenter, framer, painter, plumber, electrician and tile man. When it came time to do the bathroom tile, he enlisted the help of his uncle Angelo. The owner used to work with his uncle since he was a kid, and continued to work with him every summer thru his college years. So with 2 buckets of tools in his hands, Angelo asked, “are you ready to get to tile today?”. They went up the stairs and walked toward the bathroom. Angelo stopped just before even entering the bathroom, put down his buckets and said, “We're not tiling today”. He later explained that the tub was a Jacuzzi style tub, which does not have a lip that goes behind the wonder board. For these tubs you need to purchase a small rubber piece BEFORE putting up the wonder board. He explained that without this piece, water would make its way behind the wall, and down to the now finished first floor, destroying the new ceiling. He explained that we needed to cut and remove the wonder board, buy and install that $15 piece of rubber, and replace the wonder board. That's exactly what they did. When they were done, Angelo said, “Tomorrow we tile!”. They later spoke about that and determined that the plumber must have noticed that the piece wasn't there. Was he not going to install the tub? Lose a couple hours of work? And what about the sheet rock guy? Surely he noticed that it was missing. Was he going to tell the owner? Was he going to lose his day with his crew over a plumbing issue? Same goes for the painter, and any other trade.

This Story is my Story,
Joe Agate
(co-owner of Selective Sculptures, with Mike Patti … who is Angelo's son!)